3 часть Алиса в стране чудес с двойными субтитрами

Алиса в стране чудес. The pool of tears (chapter 3)

Продолжаем пополнять словарный запас по средством мультфильмов. Продолжение мультфильма Алиса в стране чудес. 3 часть «Озеро слез» с двойными субтитрами и повторениями.

Словарь мультфильма (перевод в всплывающей подсказки):

Things are getting stranger by the minute,» Alice said as she kept growing.
When she looked down, her feet were almost out of sight,
out of sight  
 I wonder who will put on your shoes and socks.  
I will be much too far away to help you.  
I’ll give them a new pair of boots every Christmas.  
But it will seem strange to send presents to my own feet  
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She quickly wiped her eyes so she could see who was coming.  
It was the White Rabbit, wearing a jacket and carrying white gloves and a fan  
He trotted through the dark hall, muttering to himself,
The Duchess! The Duchess! Sheill be very angry if I’ve kept her waiting!  
Alice was feeling very desperate by now.  
She was willing to ask for help anyone, even a talking rabbit.  
She waited until the White Rabbit was nearby before speaking in a quiet, timid voice.  
Startled, the White Rabbit dropped his gloves and fan.  
He run as fast as he could into the darkness.  
I wonder if I somehow changed overnight,
Alice burst into tears again,
Alice ran back to the table and stood next to it for comparison.  
She dropped it to save herself from completely disappearing,
completely disappearing  
That was a narrow escape! And now for the garden!,
How did the key get here? Alice looked up at it in despair.  
Things are worse than ever because I’ve never been this small before.,
Alice fell up to her chin in salt water,

Плеер мультфильма открывается в всплывающем лайтбоксе. В плеере два видео с третью частью The pool of tears (chapter 3): с двойными субтитрами,  повторениями и оригинал  только с английскими субтитрами. (в плеере присутствуют функции: быстрой перемотки вперед-назад на 10 секунд, настраиваемая скорость воспроизведения.

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