Hoge Changed

Hoge Changed

DEAR ABBY: My husband of 39 years
no longer hugs me or
shows me any affection I have seen him through
cancer and
diabetes. We have four grown children, and we have been seeing a
therapist for a year and a half.
He is kind,
generous and friendly,
but there are no compliments or any of the
flirtatious banter we
used to enjoy.
He swears he’s
not having an affair, and he doesn’t know why he has changed.
Perhaps you do?

ministory А (2 аудио)

Was she happy about her husband?
She wasn’t happy
She was sad about her husband
Did she want her husband to show her affection?
They been meeting with a doctor for a year-and-a-half
He promised,- He wasn’t having an affair[/su_members]

ministory В (3 аудио)

not wearing clothes: no shirts, no pants
beach where people do not wear clothes
When did he want them to go?
He wanted them to go on New Year’s Day..
Did he want them to go to a Los Angeles nude beach or to an Alaska?
..nude beach is a beach where people do not wear clothes
Do people wear socks?
Do people wear underwear?
people Do not wear underwear on a nude beach are people naked
people naked
Obviously. so. They would hug each other if they will are cold
Did this help Buford and Grace?
Did it solve their problem ?
Listen to this mini story several times
vocabulary (грамматика 4 -аудио)
The woman rides
no longer means in the past
in the past he did it
hug means to hold someone
usually affection means touching somehow, maybe kissing, maybe hugging, maybe holding см. ОКОНЧАНИЕ ING В АНГЛИЙСКОМ
maybe kissing
maybe hugging
maybe holding
those are all affection
I was sick my mom saw me through those
affection means how show your love kissing, hugging, holding hands
I might say my mom saw me through how many diseases
cancer is hard to cure
she took care of me
to cure
took care
I don’t worry about each word it’s if each word,-You think — Oh I don’t understand. Right remember the whole phrase the three words together to see someone through something some problem.
She says — We have four grown children
maybe a psychologist
so sometimes the the verb — see — has a different meaning
it means to date like a man and a woman
I say — I’m seeing her, means —I’m dating her, going with her
They’re meeting a therapist a lot there
They started a year-and-a-half ago, they go, they say,-We have problems please help us
to flirt verb, to flirt means to attract the opposite sex
opposite sex
he says — I like you. You are pretty, come to dinner with me
talking to someone you want a date
with talking to someone you are attracted
flirtatious is an adjective flirtatious banter
flirtatious banter means fun conversation about dating
about affection or maybe about sex
that’s flirtatious banter it’s playing, playing with conversation with someone you like
flirtatious banter kind of fun conversation between a man and a woman
swear has another meaning — be careful, swear also means to say bad words — like shitass, if you say — swear has another meaning — be careful, swear also means to say bad words like shitass
He swore, he swears
be careful
you are swearing
affair means dating another person
Упражнения на закрепления пройденного, проверьте себя как вы усвоили урок. Произнесите на английском эти выражения:

больше не обнимает меня
  делает мне знаки внимания
сахарный диабет
щедрый и дружелюбный
 флиртовать (флиртующий разговор
привыкли наслаждаться
клянется (ругается)
связи (любовные)
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