Hoge урок «Drag»

Онлайн курс английского языка A J Hoge урок «Drag». Основной текст, ministory A, ministory B, урок vocabulary (грамматики)

Twenty years ago, my sister and I bought a business from our mother. We all love and
respect one another
get along well.
will be finished paying off the business in two years.

Our problem: Mom, who is now 77
still draws a salary from us  
above and beyond
 the payment for the business.
Her workload has
lessened greatly,
as it should. She could do all of her work in one day and
lessen the burden
of her salary. However, she says she’d —
go crazy
if she retired . We don’t want that. She could still come in
as often as she wants and do her
personal paperwork,
letter-writing, reading,
etc. These are all things she does at «work» —
on the clock. If we try to discuss this,
Mom gets hurt and says, «Just let me know when I’m
not worth the money.»
We don’t want to do that.
We would hope she would see the
fairness of this and
suggest it herself.
Business expenses are going
through the roof, and
there are updates we should make, but we can’t do it as long as we are paying Mom at the
level we are,
on top of the money for the buy-out. Интерактивный словарь:
ministory А
they must pay their mom two times
she doesn’t work very hard
going up or going down
ministory В
they bought the business with gold
they paid 505 pounds of gold
she was too old to wash
Sam and Olivia by obey

paper making business
dog cleaning business
did she wash the dogs?
well obviously
if you have a heavy
well at midnight
actually every night
she used a toothbrush
Словарь vocabulary (грамматики): 
describe someone
he is such
it means cost
drag means you hurt something or you slow something or you cause
you hurt
you cause
means mom is causing a problem for the business
she’s pulling the business down
it was the mom’s business later she sold
hear the word draw means takes
pay for something overtime
I buy a car every month baby I pay $200 and in 20 years
they will totallyowned the business
also or in addition to
Mom to come just to socialize
on the clock means work time
through the roof means going up very fast
you must carry two meanings
her salary is tough
her quit
they don’t want to make her quit
all use your dictionary
and review the words
means above
losing money
updates means improvements
increasing their costs
Упражнения (проверьте себя хорошо ли вы усвоили материал, скажите на английском эти выражения):
дорогая стоимость (высокая цена)
отягощать кого-то финансово (бк. тянуть, тащить)
уважать друг друга
хорошо ладят

будет закончена оплата
до сих пор получает зарплату
платеж в рассрочку 
загруженность на работе
значительно уменьшился (уменьшился значительно)

все (рабочее) время (на часах)
Маме больно
с нас дополнительный (платеж) (от нас выше)
не стоить 
справедливость этого
предложит это сама
Затраты на содержания бизнеса (Деловые расходы)
свыше меры (через крышу)
уменьшить бремя
ее зарплаты
сходить с ума
личные документы
есть обновления 
выкуп за бизнес
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