Lemon Dog MS Part 1

Lemon Dog’s Lucky Day урок по A J Hoge

Lemon Dog’s Lucky Day подкаст по A J Hoge (перевод в всплывающих подсказках)
Part 1 quiz урока «Lucky Day» part 1 A J Hoge внизу
There is a dog. This dog loves to eat anything with lemons.

As a matter of fact he only eats food that is made from lemons.
His mother is a bulldog and she raised him vegetarian. His father is a
He is supposed to protect the sheep but instead he eats them.
He is nutty as a fruitcake!
It turns out that when Lemon Dog was a puppy he only ate food made from pumpkin
His favorite was vegan cream of pumpkin popsicles.
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Lemon Dog MS

he was naughty: он был непослушным
pumpkin popsicles: тыквенное мороженое
he was a puppy: он был щенком
vegan means no animal milk it means no cow milk — веган означает, что нет животного молока, значит, нет коровьего молока.
She brought him up to be vegetarian
brought up (фразовый глагол) — воспитывать см. урок полиглот по Д. Петрову с темой: фразовые глаголы
She taught him how to be vegetarian  
When lemon dog was a puppy, he only ate food made from pumpkin.  
It turns out that  
Was it his favorite or least favorite?  It was his favorite  
His favorite was vegan cream of pumpkin popsicles as far as making the Popsicles vegan.  
but it could be soy milk  


as a matter of fact: actually, in fact
raised him: parented, brought him up, taught
vegetarian: lacto-ovo vegetarian: eats plants, eggs, and milk. No meat, fish or flesh.
supposed to: should, ought to
nutty as a fruitcake: crazy, insane, “nuts”
turns out: to be found or known, to prove to be true
vegan: eats plants. No animal products such as meat, fish, flesh, eggs, milk or honey.
cream of: food or soup made with cream
popsicles: frozen juice, type of desert or treat
sheepdog: овчарка
pumpkin: тыква
as far as: with regard to, to the extent or degree of something
soy milk: a type of milk made from soy beans
throw a party: have a party, give a party
stick with: to continue doing something, to not quit something
as long as: provided that, on condition that


Проверьте себя как вы усвоили урок

по сути дела  
вырастил его  
фруктовое мороженое  
по мере того, как  
При условии что  
устроить вечеринку  
продолжать или бросать что-то  

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