Hoge Baseball Pig story

Онлайн курс английского языка по A J Hoge урок «Baseball Pig» рассказ и ministory A. J. Hoge

Baseball Pig

Задание по аудированию внизу
Текст с параллельным переводом. Текст подкаста начинается на 10 странице фрейма. Скачать в приложение 2 books (для андроид, ios). Помните о возможности в приложении 2 books экспортировать слова в словарь reword, для последующего заучивания.


the biggest success
Was there a little pig or was there a little dog?
there wasn’t a little dog
How big was Babe ?
Who did Babe want a job with the Yankees?
Where is he from is Babe?
Where did Babe go easy?
Did his friend want him to stop crying ?
This time he practice at night now
Did the pig fly in a boat ?
a single is a small hit in baseball
yes very successful babe hit five home runs
How much of a raiseDid babe get?
They gave him an increase more
He got a raise Бabe had $2 after he got a raise Бabe had 540 million dollars
Did Babe hire the Giants?
the Giants hired babe
big hitter: someone who can hit a baseball very far (ie. a strong hitter)
to try out (for): to try to get a job (usually used in sports or other performance jobs)
direct flight: a flight with no stops, (an airplane trip with no stops)
to reject: to say «no» to, to refuse
«come on»: (idiom) «hurry», «do (something) now»— (always used as a command)
get a grip: control your emotions, calm down (be calm), control yourself
to find out: to learn, to discover (new information)
impressed with: think (someone/something) is great
hitter: a person who hits
to hire: to give a job (to someone)
home run: the biggest hit in baseball, (idiom) a very big success
a raise: a pay increase, an increase in money (for a job)
listen to this story everyday for 7 Days, 10 days maybe 15 days


Проверьте себя, как усвоили материал, произнесите на английском слова, выражения):

сильный нападающий
решиться, решает
пытаться получить (работу, контракт)
прямой перелет
отказать, отклонить
взять себя в руки
немедленно (вылететь)
впечатлен, удивлен 
нанять (на работу)
повышение зарплаты
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