Фразовый глагол Pull

Фразовый глагол Pull по употребляемости стоит в одном ряду с be, get, take, look. (Обзор в дополнение к уроку THE RACE — LESSON )

Посмотрим какие значения приобретает verb Pull в сочетании с предлогами или наречиями

Pull round
He was just beginning to pull round after his operation. Pull away
Sullivan pulled away in the final lap Pull back
Our tank forces pulled back to regroup. Pull off
If you’re feeling sleepy, pull off the road immediately and have a rest. Pull out
The firm is pulling out of the personal computer business. см. ОКОНЧАНИЕ ING В АНГЛИЙСКОМ

Pull up
Their taxi pulled up outside the church. Pull in
We pulled in at the side of the road. Pull on
Emily pulled on her gloves as she walked. Pull down
The old warehouse has been pulled down Pull over
Let’s pull over and have a look at the map. Pull apart
Aren’t you going to pull them apart? Pull ahead
The German team pulled ahead in the next race Pull through
Don’t worry, your dad’s going to pull through.

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