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effortless english Evil English Teacher упражнения по уроку внизу
There’s an
evil English teacher. He’s a very bad teacher.
He comes into his class. The students’re sitting at
their desks, waiting for him. The teacher says to the class, — Everyday, we’ll study English grammar. If you make a mistake.
I’ll hit you with a stickThen the teacher opens his textbook. He says, -Today we we’ll learn the
Past Perfect Progressive verb tense,
as well as the Future Conditional.
He points to a girl and says, -What’s the Past Perfect Progressive?
The girls very nervous , she says,
-I don’t know
As soon as she finishes speaking, the evil teacher
jumps across the room with a large stick and hits her on the head. The girl cries.
The other students are very
scared. The teacher points to a boy and says, — What is the Future Conditional. The boy says nothing.
The teachers says,
Go ahead answer! Now! The boy says, -But, but.. we haven’t learned it yet
The evil teacher says,
In other words, you don’t know it! He jumps across the room and hits the boy hard on the head. The boy cries.
All the students are scared and miserable. They hate the evil teacher.
But they are lucky. One student has a cell phone.
She secretly dials the number of her friend, AJ. AJ answers the phone,- Hello
The student whispers,-This is Kaori. Help us AJ, please help us. An evil English teacher is beating us
AJ says, -Don’t worry,
I will be right there.
AJ jumps on his motorcycle and speeds to the school.
He runs through the front door, down the hall, and bursts into the class. He says to the evil teacher,
-Stop hitting these students, you bastard! Then he runs across the room.
He picks up a desk and hits the evil teacher with it. The evil teacher
falls to the floor. He is beaten.
AJ looks at Kaori and says, -What do you want me to do with him?
Kaori says,
-Its up to you. You decide
AJ throws the evil teacher out the window and says, -No more evil grammar study. You are free!
The students cheer — Yeah! Everyone is very happy.
Некоторые пояснения по MS stories (второе аудио)
Was the teacher friendly or was the teacher mean?  
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evil: very very bad
as well as: in addition to, also
as soon as
: when, just after (something happens)
go ahead: begin, start to do something
in other words: say something in a different way, say something more directly
hard: powerfully, miserable: very sad, unhappy
: opposite of love, really dislike
cell phone: mobile phone
dials: push numbers on a phone
I’ll be right there: I’ll arrive soon, I will be there soon
speeds: goes fast, drives very fast
bursts: enters (a room) very fast
bastard: bad person, jerk (NOT polite ;) (used to insult a man)
beaten: defeated
Its up to you: you decide, it is your decision
cheer: to yell (when happy)

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