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Basic principles:
No woman
wakes up saying: «God, I hope I don’t get
swept off my feet today.»
Now, she might say, «This is a really bad time for me.»
Or something like, «I just
need some space.» Or my personal favorite: «
I’m really into my career right now.»

You believe that? Neither does she. You know why? Because she’s lying to you, that’s why. You understand me? Lying. It’s not a bad time for her. She doesn’t need any space.

She may be into her career… but what she’s really saying is, «Get away from me now.» Or possibly, «Try harder, stupid.» Well, which one is it?
60 % of all human communication is nonverbal (Body language).
30% is your tone. So that means that 90% of what you’re saying… ain’t coming out of your mouth.
(Toby! Shit!)
Of course she’s gonna lie to you.
She’s a nice person; she doesn’t wanna hurt your feelings.
What else is she gonna say? She doesn’t even know you. Yet.
Luckily, the fact is, that just like the rest of us… even a beautiful woman doesn’t know what she wants— until she sees it.
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Пояснения по аудио «Hitch Intro MS»

There was a shy guy named Nick
She laughed nervously and said — I’m really into my job right now. I’m sorry I just need some space
Nick’s feelings were hurt. He knew Stephanie didn’t like him, but he said to himself — I ain’t going to take no for an answer. I’m going to show her I’m a great guy I’m going to open her eyes
So, Nick bought 500 roses for Stephanie and told her — I love you. Stephanie was shocked and a little scared, then Nick started to follow her everywhere. Stephanie became more worried
Finally Nick broke into her apartment. When Stephanie came home she said -Enough this is where the police come in, then she called the police.
Now Nick is in jail and and Stephanie finally has some space all right
He wanted to sweep her off her feet. He wanted to impress her and surprise her with romance with love.
Nick is in prison.

Пояснения по аудио «Hitch Intro MS-POV»

Now I’m going to change it again this time or second version. I’m going to start with since high school there’s a guy named Nick…
Stephanie has had some space for many years. okay. good. So you see in that one the middle part of that story most of it was the same as the original. Right, because we’re talkin about specific events specific experiences in the past that are finished totally…..
..However in the beginning you can say there is a guy, shy guy named Nick. He still alive or you can say there was a shy guy named Nick either one, but then the rest of that you would say he has loved the beautiful girl named Stephanie for a long time since high school so he started loving her in high school he still loves her now…
Ok. There you go so course now, if that was talking about the future. Ask — What I would like you to do now? Go back listen to each version, listen more than one time, you might want to listen to one sentence and pause and repeat the sentence.
Don’t just repeat the words, copy my pronunciation, please will help you much more, repeating words does not help so much, but copying my exact pronunciation,
that does help that will help a lot, so pause though sentence, then after the end of the version pause again. Try to tell the whole story again, using that version in the present tense.
Right. It’s happening today since high school — tell that version, pause and tell the whole thing see if you can change all the birds and all the phrases and all the vocabulary, to make it correct and then again listen to the the future idea,
this movie idea listen to that and then pause, and try to tell the whole story again, as if it was going to happen in the future, this will help you if you do this with every lesson, if you do this every day, every day, one time every day,
is enough, if you can do it more it’s better, but one time every day’s enough if, you do it everyday after 4 months, 5 months, 6 months this grammar will become natural, you will internalized it, you will feel it.
You won’t need to think about it so please please pause and tell the story yourself for each version.
All right, that is all for the hitch introduction lesson mini story point of view. Bye-bye


swept off my feet: idiom. fall in love very strongly (Идиома. Очень сильно влюбилась)   
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sweep any woman off her feet: Идиома. Заставь любую женщину влюбиться в (его, тебя).

needs the right broom: joke. needs the right technique (he’s joking about the different meanings of the word “sweep” here). (шутка. нужна правильная техника (он шутит о разных значениях слова «подметать»)

entire: весь, целый полный

Пояснения к аудио «Hitch Intro Commentary» (5-я вкладка в плеере) — это комментарии и рекомендации по просмотру фильма «Hitch Intro» (Правила съема) с целью обучения. Фильм находится в плеере на 6 вкладки. Язык — английский, двойные субтитры. В ролях: Уилл Смит, Кевин Джеймс, Ева Мендес.

The «Hitch introduction» — get started as a great movie, by the way it’s really nice movie it’s a romantic comedy, it’s funny starring Will Smith and I have used «hitch» many times in my classes in San Francisco.
I will use the whole movie, not just one scene, but I will teach the entire movie little, by little and what I do it’s called the focal skills movie technique, but it sounds great but it’s really quite simple.
I show one scene of a movie, maybe 2 minutes, maybe one minute and I show it normal speed and I go back then. I show it again and I pause and I explain new vocabulary slang and idioms, then I go back again,
then I this the third time I turn the sound off and then, I play a part of the scene I pause and I asked the students questions about the movie.
I might say: — You know, what’s happening here? Describe this character. What do you think he is thinking? Why is he doing this? What is this person doing? Describe the place. Where they are at? What are they saying to each other?
Anyway I asked a lot of questions about what’s happening in the movie, then after we finish that three times, I go to the next scene and we do the same thing again.
The one movie usually takes a few weeks to show but it’s it’s works really well, it’s very very popular my student love it, it’s the most popular thing I do in my class,
and so I started thinking of you this is really popular students love it how can I do this on «effortless English» ….

Упражнения, переведите на английский и проверьте себя

Сильно влюбится, «сорвать крышу»
нуждаться в личном пространстве
язык тела (невербальный)
want to (по другому)
ранить ваши чувства
вот тут-то я и пришел
открыть ей глаза
Заставить любую женщину влюбиться в тебя
нужен правильный подход
«Hitch Intro». Жанр: Hitch Intro. Жанр: Романтическая комедия))) В ролях: Уилл Смит, Кевин Джеймс, Ева Мендес.

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