Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl Audiobook A2

Pirates of the Caribbean The Curse of the Black Pearl Audiobook A2 Elementary. Пираты Карибского моря — Проклятие Черной жемчужины адаптированная аудиокнига на английском Level2 слушать онлайн. Проклятие Черной жемчужины аудиокнига (1 часть). Читать в приложение 2books.

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Roguish yet charming Captain Jack Sparrow’s idyllic pirate life capsized after his former first mate, the wily Captain Barbossa mutinied and commandeered Jack’s ship, the Black Pearl. Barbossa marooned Jack on a deserted island, but Jack escaped. Some years later, Jack arrives in Port Royal to steal a ship. His plan is sidetracked when he saves the governor’s daughter, Elizabeth from drowning. Because he’s a pirate, he’s promptly jailed and condemned to hang. Barbossa attacks Port Royal, searching for the last gold coin needed to end an ancient Aztec curse. Barbossa kidnaps Elizabeth, who has come into possession of the coin. He mistakenly believes she’s the child of long-gone shipmate, Bootstrap Bill. Will Turner, the town blacksmith and a master swordsman, loves Elizabeth, and he enlists Jack’s help to rescue her. Jack agrees, but neglects to mention the curse that has doomed Barbossa and the other pirates to an immortal life as ‘living dead.’ (Jack escaped the curse.) After busting Jack out of jail, the two hijack a British naval ship, collect a motley crew, and chase the Black Pearl to Isla de la Muerta, the pirates’ island hideout. Along the way, Jack tells an incredulous Will that Will’s father is actually the pirate known as Bootstrap Bill Turner. Commodore Norrington, who also loves Elizabeth, is in hot pursuit of Jack and Will.

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