The Race — lesson



It’s 5 o’clock and

Allen is riding his motorcycle in San Francisco. He is riding down Van Ness street and comes
to a stop light.
red Ferrari pulls up next to him.
The driver’s wearing dark sun glasses.
He looks over at Allen.
Allen looks at him and
realizes that the driver is Tom Cruise!
sneers at Allen. He says, —
When the light turns green, let’s race
Allen says, —
Allright, you’re on!
Tom says, —
I’m gonna smoke you, sucka!
Allen says, —
You wish.
I’m gonna beat you and your sorry-ass car.
Allen and Tom wait at the light. They
 rev their engines.
Suddenly, the light turns green. Allen and Tom take off! They
zoom down Van Ness at top speed.
Tom is winning.
But suddenly, blue and red lights
appear behind Tom— its the police. They pull him over. см.грамматика
Allen zooms past Tom, laughing. He yells, —
Better luck next time!
Allen is the winner!

mini story (рассказ)

I’m gonna



фразовый глагол pull см.

mini story (2 аудио)

what was he on, when he came to a stop light? a motorcycle. he was on a motorcycle

what pulled up next to Allen? a red Ferrari. a red Ferrari pulled up next to Allen фразеологический глагол pull см.

who looked over at Allen? the driver of the Ferrari looked over at Allen

who was the motorcycle rider? Allen. Allen was the motorcycle rider

was Tom friendly and nice? no, no he wasn’t friendly and nice, he sneered at Allen

what did Tom Cruise say? well, he said — when the light turns green let’s race

did Alan agree to race? yes he agreed

he called Alan — sucker. is sucker a nice, polite word?

what kind of car did Tom have? he had a sorry-ass car, low quality car, bad car, cheap car


what did they rev their engines? they revved their engines

what did Alan take off on? Alan took off on his motorcycle


what did Tom take off in? in his car. Tom took off in his car

which street did they zoom down? Van Ness. They zoom down Van Ness street. Tom was winning

did the police pull over Allen? no, no, no. they didn’t pull over Alan. they pulled over Tom Cruise

why did Allen zoom past Tom? how about because, the police pulled over Tom

who yelled — better luck next time, as he zoom pass Tom Cruise? of course, easy, right Allen — yelled better luck next time, as he zoomed past Tom

point of view stories (аудио 3) новый формат аудиоурока см.point of view stories

he has looked over at Allen each time Alan has looked over at the driver and has realized that the driver was Tom Cruise

Tom as always sneered at Allen and he has always said, when the light turns green

which day from 1 months ago until now, Allen has said- all right you’re on 

then Tom has always said: — I’m going to smoke you suck and then Alan has always said — you wish I’m going to beat you and your sorry ass car

then starting 1 month ago, every day until now each time Allen and Tom have waited at the light, each time they have revved their engines

suddenly, the light has turned green anytime Allen and Tom have taking off each time, they have a zoom to down Van Ness at top speed

Tom has always been winning, unfortunately for Tom everytime blue and red lights have appeared behind Tom and it has always been the police they have always pulled him over every time

Allen has zoomed past Tom laughing and he has yelled every time — better luck next time

okay that is all of the story using the perfect tense, — of starting one month ago and then happening again and again and again until now

second version — is the future the future. let’s imagine this is a dream or this is a movie idea for the future.
so we’ll start with next year next year let’s imagine next year at 5.

Alen will be riding his motorcycle in San Francisco.

he’ll be riding down Venice Street and he’ll come to a stop light, a red Ferrari is going to pull up next to him the driver will be wearing dark sunglasses, he’ll look over at Allen.

Tom’ll sneer at Allen, he’ll say when the light turns green

Tom’ll say: — I’m going to smoke you sucker.

Alen’ll say: — you wish. I’m going to beat you and your sorry ass car.

we can say Allen will go. but in normal speech, fast speech «will» usually say: — Allen’ll go. Allen’ll go to.

we also say: — gonna, instead — going to

I’ll go to the store or I’m going to go to the store.

so listen carefully to these future stories these, future versions

vocabulary (4 аудио)




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