Secret Love-lesson

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I am a
single woman
in my early 30s who has never been married. I recently
fell in love with a wonderful man
with whom I spend a
great deal of time.. He is
of the intensity of my feelings, and
I’m afraid of telling him out of
fear of rejection.
There are a couple
of additional concerns:
He is 15 years my senior and a medical doctor.
I am a social worker in a
lower economic class. In addition, we are of different religions, but we have
similar spiritual beliefs and
values. He is also my
I am very interested in
pursuing a deeper relationship with this man,
but would like to hear your advice first. Thank you for
your thoughts on this.

First ministory for Secret Love (2 аудио):

Вступление от Hoge

I will only ask questions that you know, you can look at the letter and answer the questions.
You must answer every question out loud.
You must say the answer so you can hear it not only in your head, but say the answers, so you can hear them with your mouth.
Say them, if necessary, if you need to use your pause button, you can pause answer the question.
Then push play again, then pause again and continue……

did she reveal her Secret Love?

she did not reveal her Secret Love, she hesitated

what did she hesitate to do?

did she hesitate to reveal her love for a colleague?

was is the woman single? the woman was single

had the woman been married? no she hadn’t been married, she had never been married

how old was the woman? she was in her 30s

was the man terrible? no the man was not terrible

what was the man like?
she didn’t show it

was he aware of her feelings?


was he unaware of her feelings? yes, that’s right, he was unaware of her feelings

she was afraid of telling him, out of fear of rejection

was she afraid of snakes ? oh she was not afraid of snakes

what was she afraid of?

did she have more worries? yeah she had more worries

was the woman worried ? yeah she was very worried

was he 15 years older than her?

did they have the same religion?

did they have similar values? yes yes they did, they had similar values

did she want a deeper relationship with him? yes of course, yes she wanted a deeper relationship with him

what was she longing for? she was a longing for the man

ministory for secret love (3 аудио):

I will ask questions that are not in the letter…….
you need to guess you need to guess the answers when I ask a question

who did Alice want? Alice wanted Fred

did Alice hesitate to tell Fred? yes, she hesitated to tell Fred about her love

when did Alice want Fred? well, immediately of course, she wanted him now, immediately

where did she want him? she wanted him (in) the hospital or (at) the hospital

she wanted Fred romantically

how much did she want Fred? so much, she wanted Fred romantically more than anything, more than anything

where did she want Fred more than anything? she wanted Fred at the hospital more than anything

did she want him a little bit? no she wanted him more than anything, a lot, a lot. a lot……

how many times did she want dr. Fred at the hospital?

a million times, a million times she wanted Doctor Fred at the hospital every day, every hour, every minute

she thought about him

she want him, because he was handsome, good looking?

did she want him, because he was kind and sweet and nice?

did she reveal her longing for Doctor Fred?

where she wanted to marry him?

how did dr. Fred feel about Alice?

when did he hate Alice? he hated Alice always, all the time

how much did he hate Alice?

Alice loved Doctor Fred. how did dr. Fred feel about Alice ?

vocabulary (4 аудио)

let’s start in the beginning of the letter

hesitates means to wait, to not do something


hesitate — so, the woman is waiting to do something, she is not doing something yet, not yet

to reveal means to show something that was Secret it was secret, now you show it

a colleague is a co-worker someone you work with someone, at your job

I recently fell in love with a wonderful man, with whom I spend a great deal of time

she’s talking about the man, with who means with the man, in this sentence

who or whom just replaces man

unaware means not aware

unaware — means you don’t know about it