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Changed Это большой урок поскольку господина Hoge повело в сторону от этого небольшого рассказа. Для того что бы урок прошел наиболее эффективно и понять все что наговорил господин Hoge. Я адаптировал его по мере возможности.
По нисходящей: короткий рассказ, министори А, министори В, министори грамматика

Effortless English 
My husband of 39 years
no longer hugs me or
 shows me any affection I have seen him through
cancer and
 diabetes. We have four grown children, and we have been seeing a
therapist for a year and a half.
He is kind,
generous and friendly,
but there are no compliments or any of the
flirtatious banter we
 used to enjoy.
He swears he’s
not having an affair, and he doesn’t know why he has changed.
Perhaps you do?

Отрабатываем восприятие на слух  глагол

be его  прошедшую форму

was she happy about her husband

she wasn’t happy 

she was sad about her husband


И  наконец словарь для того что бы понять аудиолексику (

vocabulary см. последний аудиофайл) от Hoge. Если вы прошли Пимслера и это ваш третий урок по Hoge  (его порядковый номер) то словарного запаса будет не хватать для понимания объяснений господина Hoge, что толку слушать 20 раз если изначально не в коем разе не знаешь перевода слова. Настоятельно рекомендую проштудировать словарь. Затем уже слушать 3-4 аудиофайлы. (В объяснениях Hoge будет проскакивать мысль -терапевт не доктор, отчасти в штатах это так)

he was sick


sad of course

he swore he swears

boyfriend that’s having an affair

past where

 heart attack

 he promised

got — get

nude beach

Buford tell

Phil told

not wearing clothes

no shirts

no pants

they would be cold

they would hug :lol:

 they will hug each other dr. Phil :lol: :lol: :lol:

so they would hug each other obviously


 Grace did it solve their problem

Buford and Grace did it solve their problem


people naked


people wear socks

people wear pants

people wear underwear

several times

touching somehow

 maybe hugging

touching somehow

 compliment is a nice word or sentence

say to another person

any of the flirtatious banter

flirtatious adjectives means fun conversation about dating

opposite sex

to flirt means attract the opposite sex

to someone you are attracted to someone

between a man and a woman

 means fun conversation about dating

means how you show your love

disease blood

holding hands those

kissing, hugging hands

serious disease

cancer is a serious disease

hard to cure

 whole phrase

she helped him learn the whole phrase

psychologist maybe

family counselor

maybe if you feel bad

another meaning be careful

seeing an extra girlfriend or boyfriend


southwest part of the United States

she signs

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