Intimacy- LESSON


Intimacy— LESSON

My husband, «James,» and I have been married only three years. We are both in our 20s.

Everything is really great between us
except our sex life.
As far as he is concerned that’s fine, too, but
I am not satisfied.
It may seem odd to hear
the female wants to have sex more frequently (см. статья суффикс ly в английском)
than a young and healthy male,
but that’s the case in our relationship.
I work with the public and
I get frequent remarks about what a beautiful woman I am.
This makes it hard for me to believe that I don’t attract him at all.
I have expressed many times that I
wish we were
more intimate.
I have even expressed it to him in more than one letter, hoping to reach him.
I am at a total loss as to how to make him realize how important this is to me.
Is there something wrong with my body?
 I just don’t know who to turn to for advice on this subject. Please help me.

Аудио с коротким текстом:

at a total loss

him realize

something wrong

who to turn

ministory a:

were they both in their twenties? yes they were both in their twenties


how old were they? they were in their twenties

what kind of problem did she have with James?

did she think everything was fine? no, the woman thought there was a problem

was the woman satisfied? no, the woman was not satisfied

she thought the problem was strange, she thought the problem was odd

was James healthy? yes James was healthy, he was a healthy man, he was a healthy male

did she work with the public or did she work in an office? she worked with the public

how do we know the woman was beautiful? we know, because many people told her, many people said she, was beautiful, many people told her she was beautiful right

did she get remarks many times? yes, yes she got remarks many times

she got frequent remarks

did she want James to be more intimate? yes that is right she wanted James to be more intimate

did she want him to be more distant ? she wanted him to be closer, his emotions, his feelings closer


she wrote a letter, telling him, she wanted more sex with him

trying to communicate with him, what is the woman frustrated frustrated frustrated means upset

yes she was frustrated she said — I am at a total loss. I don’t know what to do

what was she short on? she was short on intimacy she was short on closeness, may be short on touching

ministory B

her name was Anna, Anna was her name or in America we say Anna Anna, little bit different pronunciation


why did they not have enough sex for Anna?

oh because Anna had a disease, she was sick, she had a special disease

why did Anna need to have a lot of sex for her disease? well, and a special disease could only be cured by having sex everyday

could only be cured

why did James not want to have sex with Anna? James also had a medical problem. he was also sick

what was James medical problem? oh poor James was impotent, impotent means cannot have sex, no power, it means no sexual power

when did James have no sexual power? tough James had no sexual power at night, he had no sexual power only at night

did she want to have sex with James during the day? during the day no she didn’t want to have sex with James

could James have sex at night? no poor James. he couldn’t have sex at night

would sex help the disease? yes. sex would help the disease

was she frustrated by this situation? yes and I was very frustrated by this situation

did Anna turn to her sister for advice? no, no. she didn’t turn to her sister for advice

how can I solve my sexual problem with my husband?


why couldn’t George Bush help her? well, because George Bush also has no sexual power

what must Anna do? well. obviously. Anna needs to get a night job

if Anna changes her job, will she solve the problem? yes yes of course. if Anna changes her job she will solve the problem

if she gets a night job, can she have sex with James during the day? yes, yes. if she gets a night job she can have sex with James during the day

does James have sexual power during the day? yes. he has sexual power during the day

ministory C

as far as he is concerned means — in his opinion that’s fine too

as far as he is concerned, so, about him his opinion it’s fine

or another word- is weird

she works with the public, she sees customers

so my husband should think I’m beautiful

intimate means — very close, emotionally right means close feelings

means close feelings such, as love or romance

such as

intimate here- is the adjectives

I want to reach him, means — I want to communicate and then he understands me

realize means understand

and then she asks Abby she’s asking us
to turn to someone, means — you ask for help

Ohio Ohio — is a state in the United States in America, it’s a state, it’s in the middle of the country

we already talked about

on to be short on something means you don’t have enough of something

Упражнения на закрепление пройденного материала:


по его мнению

я не доволен

Может показаться странным слышать

женщина хочет чаще заниматься сексом

молодой и здоровый мужчина

но это наш case в наших отношениях

Я получаю частые замечания (комплименты)

Я много раз высказывался

в надежде достучаться до него

в полной растерянности

end of the lesson intyme

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