Day of the Dead

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I arrive in Guatemala on, November 1st. I’m

curious about this holiday, so I go to the cemetery to see what’s happening. What I find is
quite interesting. The atmosphereis
like a party. There are people
everywhere. Families are sitting around the
graves of their dead
ancestors . They clean the gravesgraves and add fresh flowers. I walk through the
cemetery and
admire the beautyofall the
colorful flowers. There is also 
color in the sky , because many kids are flying
kites. Some families are having a picnic next to the graves. They eat, drink, and
chat together. People 
laugh and smile. In the Unites States, cemeteries are always
somber. We 
certainly never have festivals or parties next to graves. We don’t laugh or play music or fly kites in cemeteries
either. I find that I prefer the Guatemalan
approach .
I like the way they remember and 
celebrate those who have
passed away . I like that they 
acknowledge death,  
instead of  
denying it the way Americans do. I like that there is life,   as well as death, in their cemeteries. Guatemalans call it “The Day of the Dead”, but it is also a day to 
appreciate life.

Интерактивный словарь:

ministory  (2аудио)


I will do three things..
when you hear a statement, a sentence

did I arrive in Guatemala on November 3rd?

I arrived in Guatemala on November 1st

I went to the cemetery to see what was happening

was I angry about this holiday?

I found was quite interesting

was it boring?

how did I feel about the cemetery?

I felt it was interesting or I thought it was interesting?

was the atmosphere very sad ?

where were the families sitting ?

they weren’t sitting around the trees

whose graves were they sitting around?

where do we never have parties?

which approach did I prefer?

I preferred the Guatemalan approach

did they celebrate those who were alive?

they didn’t celebrate those who were alive

when did they celebrate those who had passed away?

who liked that they acknowledge death?

who had become rich?

who’s cemeteries did I like?

Напутствия от  Hoge:

this is a ministory and it was very slow and soft
this mini story is good for beginning level learners
for intermediate learners and for advanced Learners I use ministori that are much faster and more difficult

intermediate learners

advanced Learners

but this manystory is for beginners

vocabulary (грамматика 3 аудио)

is more common

care atmosphere

but holiday is more calm

it’s a very warm

grave is a place where one dead person is buried


kites are paper or plastic later with a string

your great-grandmother

you fly them in the wind

acknowledged means to recognize

someone’s mother dies

passed away means to die

it’s very polite, very polite

deny means avoid

to avoid something is to deny it

Проверьте себя как усвоили пройденный материал произнесите на английском эти слова и выражения.

любопытно, интересно

как на вечеринке





красочное небо 


 безусловно, конечно

подход .

мне нравится как







Это основные «обыгрываемые» слова и выражения этого урока и вы их должны знать как understand,если это так переходите к следующему уроку

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