Baseball Pig lesson

Короткий рассказ и министори от A. J. Hoge первый уровень.

Baseball Pig

There is a little pig. The pig wants to be a baseball player. Everyday, he practices baseball. He 

practices hitting a baseball. He wants to be a
big hitter .
After 10 years of practice, the pig
to try out for the New York Yankees— the most
famous baseball team in America. He takes a
direct flight to New York, then rents a car and 
drives to Yankee Stadium.
tries out for the Yankees, but the
Yankees reject him. The Yankees’ manager says, «I’m sorry. You are an
amazing baseball player, but we can’t let a
pig join our team»
The pig is very unhappy. He goes home and
cries everyday. Finally, his friend says to him,
Come on, get a grip! Stop crying and try again with another team.»
The pig listens to his friend. He stops crying. He practices baseball everyday.
One day, he is reading the newspaper and he
finds out that the San
Francisco Giants need new
baseball players. The pig
immediately flies to San Francisco.
He tries out for the Giants. The Giants are very 
impressed with the pig. The manager says,
«Wow, you are the best hitter I have ever seen». The Giants
hire the pig and pay him 2 dollars.
In his first game, the pig hits 5
home runs! Everyone in San Francisco loves the pig! The
Giants give him a
 big raise. They pay him 540 million dollars!
The pig is rich, famous, and happy.

Интерактивный словарь выражений Vocab/Phrases(см. 1-й урок рекомендации прохождения материала):

immediately flies


the biggest success

Стараемся на слух уловить конструкции:

there was a little pig was there a little dog?

there wasn’t a little dog


what did Babe want ?


babe wanted to be a baseball player


how big was Babe ?


who did Babe want a job with the Yankees?

where is he from is Babe?

where did Babe go easy?

did his friend want him to stop crying ?

this time he practice at night now

did the pig fly in a boat ?

they thought the pig was great


a single is a small hit in baseball

yes very successful babe hit five home runs


how much of a raise did babe get?

they gave him an increase more

he got a raise Бabe had $2 after he got a raise Бabe had 540 million dollars

did Babe higher the Giants?

the Giants hired babe

big hitter: someone who can hit a baseball very far (ie. a strong hitter)

to try out (for): to try to get a job (usually used in sports or other performance jobs)

direct flight: a flight with no stops, (an airplane trip with no stops)

to reject: to say «no» to, to refuse

«come on»: (idiom) «hurry», «do (something) now»— (always used as a command)

get a grip: control your emotions, calm down (be calm), control yourself

to find out: to learn, to discover (new information)

impressed with: think (someone/something) is great

hitter: a person who hits

to hire: to give a job (to someone)

 home run: the biggest hit in baseball, (idiom) a very big success

a raise: a pay increase, an increase in money (for a job)

listen to this story everyday for 7 Days, 10 days maybe 15 days

Упражнения (проверьте себя хорошо ли вы усвоили материал, произнесите на английском слова, выражения):

сильный нападающий

решиться, решает

 пытаться получить (работу, контракт)

прямой перелет

отказать, отклонить



взять себя в руки

немедленно (вылететь)

впечатлен, удивлен 

нанять (на работу)

разновидность игровой ситуации в бейсболе, представляющая собой хит, во время которого отбивающий и бегущие, находящиеся на базах, успевают совершить полный круг по базам и попасть в дом (то есть совершить пробежку), при этом не имеется ошибок со стороны защищающейся команды

 повышение зарплаты

Это основные «обыгрываемые» слова и выражения этого урока вы должны знать их как understand. Если так, то переходите к следующему уроку

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